MONSTER คนปีศาจ เล่ม 01 - 09 (จบ) (Set)

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MONSTER คนปีศาจ เล่ม 01 - 09 (จบ) (Set)
MONSTER คนปีศาจ เล่ม 01 - 09 (จบ) (Set)MONSTER คนปีศาจ เล่ม 01 - 09 (จบ) (Set)
รหัสสินค้า / Barcode: 9780109016874
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ISBN : 9780109016874
โดย : Naoki URASAWA
ลิขสิทธิ์ : -

Once upon a time, there was a small town in this little valley.
People lived peacefully in this little peacefull town.
A disguised monster was living there.
He cut all ties from evilness and started helping the people in the town.
But one day, some devilish messengers suddenly visited the town.
The town was suddenly wrapped under vicious air and
people began killing each other.
The purpose of the devilish messengers was to capture the monster.
The name of this "MONSTER" is Franz Bonaparta!!

How do you think can real-life man become a fictitious man?
The answer is simple.
One has to eliminate everyone who knows him. everyone who knows his past.
One simply must be the only one who exists...
A man actually attempted to do this. He tried to commit the "perfect suicide".
But he failed to wipe out everything.
Now he, the "nameless monster," has turned into an actually existing man.